Dilapidation Services

Dilapidation services are essential when you are preparing to knock down or extend an existing property that has neighbouring properties. The purpose of a dilapidation report is to inspect land or a building and pick up any possible liabilities, defects or damage prior to work beginning.


We check that any possible repercussions to third-party properties or council land is picked up and reported before any works are started. This is essential if you are a contractor or developer beginning a new building project. It highlights any possible problems in the future to assets in and around your property.


Alpha to Omega Inspections will arrange an inspection of your property and provide a detailed report that will keep you covered.


Important reasons why you may need with Dilapidation Services:

  • Protection against litigation by neighbours for possible damage to their property through demolition work.
  • Vibration damage risk from earthmovers and demolition equipment to surrounding properties or buildings.
  • Damage to council land. For example; footpaths, gutters, curbs and road surfaces by large construction vehicles.
  • Report on potential structural faults or cracks in existing buildings that could affect future construction.
  • A report on pre-existing faults. Iff legal action is taken against you, you have detailed documents to protect your assets and integrity.
Call us now to arrange a detailed report on your home or building project.