Home Construction Inspections

At Alpha to Omega Group we can provide home construction inspections and consultancy to every stage of your build. We can tailor packages to suit your budget and either report on any or all stages.


When you are building a new home, there are 8 key stages of a build that can be checked for compliance or defects.


We know that issues can arise at any stage throughout your build, so it is important to pick up any problems before building progresses. It is a lot more difficult to assess and fix a problem when you are in the final stages. This is why we provide inspections right from before the contract is signed or slab is poured, through to the final handover and maintenance stage.

The Services We Provide for Home Construction Inspections

We provide service for 8 key stages of the building process
    • STAGE 1 – Contract Review
    • Where common contract terms and client/builder obligations are explained

    • STAGE 2 – Base (Pre Pour)
    • Where site has been cut, boxed and ready for concrete to be poured

    • STAGE 3 – Frame
    • When wall and roof frames have been completed

    • STAGE 4 – Lock up (Pre Plaster)
    • When external walls are complete, windows, doors and roof coverings are fixed, frame has been straightened and services have been installed.

    • STAGE 5 – Fix Stage (Pre Paint)
    • When all interior and exterior work is complete and the house is ready for painting

    • STAGE 6 – Pre-Handover (Final)
    • When the house is presented for handover/customer walkthrough

    • STAGE 7 –  90 Day Maintenance Period
    • Just before the Maintenance or Defects Liability period expires (typically 3-6 months after completion)

Home Construction Inspections include; Budget verbal, or full written reports with colour photographs and defect references to the Australian Standards & Tolerances. Our services are ideal for all home buyers, local and overseas property investors. quality assurance, pre-progress payment inspections for new homes. Our inspections are suitable for – Customers of Builders, Builders, Owner-Builders, Draftsmen, Architects, Building Designers and Building Surveyors.

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